Cockatiel Bird Best Food Recipes, Brands And Cockatiel Care

Cockatiel parrots are appreciated everywhere in the world because of their lovable nature. With proper cockatiel care and cockatiel food, they are simple to breed, soft, and lovable to be controlled and pet.

They make soft chirping cockatiel sounds but are less loud and noisy as compared to other parrots.

Cockatiel parrots are easy to tame if proper cockatiel care should be considered. They are cheap and easy to own, therefore, prefer an excellent option for a newcomer.

Cockatiel Bird Best Food And Care

Cockatiel Bird Best Food
Cockatiel Bird Best Food

In this article, we will completely focus on various stages of cockatiel care. Cockatiel care must be imported from chick to mature parrot.

You will come to know about the importance of homemade cockatiel bird food recipes and best food for cockatiels during breeding.

The cockatiel bird food for small Chicks and cockatiel diet during eggs laying will be explained properly.

Best cockatiel food brands and cockatiel care sheet should also be given in this article.

Cockatiel care during the breeding process is the major aspect to be considered seriously, therefore, a portion of this article will be written about it.

If you are worried about your cockatiel chicks care then you are at the right place. You will get well knowledge about cockatiel chicks care and cockatiel social behavior.

Make yourself ready for a good cockatiel breeding clutch this year by learning of cockatiel care from this writing.

Cockatiel Food Recipes

Cockatiel Food Recipes
Cockatiel Food Recipes

There are unlimited cockatiel food recipes that you can make for your cockatiel parrot at home. You can add these cockatiel food recipes in your cockatiel diet.

Use the healthful components in cockatiel feeding guide dried and cooked beans, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, protein-rich meats and hard boiled eggs.

Avoid using foods which contain the extra amount of fats, salt and seasoning.

A lot of money can be easily saved by homemade cockatiel food recipes because it is a choice to getting pricey ready made food for the cockatiel.

Many cockatiel parrots need proper cockatiel diet which depends mainly on seeds and pellets, fruits and vegetables, and food which provide extra nutrition.

The growth of cockatiel parrots consists of approximately 60 percent pellets and 40 percent breed-specific seed mix. Fruits and vegetables are added for more nourishment.

Here is some cockatiel food recipe which you can add into the cockatiel feeding guide.

1st Cockatiel Food Recipe

1st Cockatiel Food Recipe
1st Cockatiel Food Recipe


1/2 cup of pellets

2 cups of fine yellow cornmeal

1 crushed carrot

One can of apple sauce

1 can puree of sweet potatoes

3 – 4 cups of filtered water


Slowly add the cornmeal into the boiling water.

Mix until it begins to thicken.

Then add the cans of pellets, carrots, apple sauce and sweet potatoes.

Turn to the saucepan and boil it.

If you notice the mixture is thin and watery then just add more cornmeal into the pudding.

It should be kept in the refrigerator for four days.

2nd Cockatiel Food Recipe

You can prepare mashed food for your cockatiel parrot. The ingredients and amount of balanced cockatiel diet for the mashed food.

Mix these ingredients in a food mixer and mix them roughly. In this way, this cockatiel food recipe will give a chunky texture to your cockatiel parrot.


  1. 25 percent of heated and dried mixed beans (mung, adzuki, or garbanzo beans)
  2. 1/4 of roasted grains containing quinoa and amaranth.
  3. 25 percent of high-calcium greens (kale, chard, mustard greens, collard greens, or dandelion greens)
  4. 15 percent of high-vitamin A fruits and vegetables (roasted sweet potatoes or squash, carrots, papaya, and mangoes)
  5. 10 percent of mixed additions (vegetable or fruit)

Making of homemade cockatiel food recipes is usually a slow process. You can manage your time and energy by making and freezing of amounts of it.

Certain varieties of foods should not be added into the cockatiel diet, because they are harmful to your cockatiel parrots and sometimes lead them to death.

  1. Coffee
  2. Tea
  3. Chocolate
  4. Shellfish
  5. Celery
  6. Tomatoes
  7. Garlic
  8. Onions
  9. Mushrooms
  10. All peanuts and nuts as they can maintain bird-poisoning bacteria and fungi
  11. Milk because cockatiel parrots cannot digest lactose

Cottage cheese and yogurt can be used because the lactose present in these foods becomes digested throughout the culturing process.

Cockatiel food recipes which contain meat should be fed the same day you prepare. Otherwise, it will affect your cockatiel’s stomach.

Can cockatiels eat strawberries?

These fruits may be given to cockatiel parrots such as Apples, apricots, bananas, berries, cantaloupe, cherries, honeydew melon, kiwi, mango, oranges, papaya, peaches, pears, pineapple, plums, watermelon.

But cockatiel parrots are not big fruit eaters. Be careful with strawberries and grapes. They destroy quicker than other fruits.

Best Food For Cockatiels During Breeding

Female cockatiels should be given with the proper cockatiel diet for healthful and stable cockatiel breeding. Female cockatiels love to eat a mixture of seeds, berries, fruits and veggies.

They should be provided with a well-balanced and miscellaneous cockatiel diet for fit breeding.  

Female Cockatiels are particularly adapt to obesity and some further diet-related problems including feather plucking and egg binding.

Throughout the cockatiel breeding, the female cockatiels should be given with sunflower seeds, canary seeds, protein-rich fruits and vegetables.

During the breeding process, female cockatiel should be fed with egg food. Egg food is considered the most nutritious cockatiel diet during breeding.

The Egg Food

The Egg Food
The Egg Food

The egg food is a mix of hard-boiled eggs with its shells crushed with soft bread.

It is the rich source of proteins and essential for a female cockatiel during breeding.

While breeding, Female need food which contains a huge amount of calcium. Female cockatiels particularly need extra calcium during breeding. Eggshells are the best source of calcium.

When female cockatiel is lying on chicks she needs soft cockatiel diet which is light to chew and digest. Bread can be added to the cockatiel feeding guide as the best soft food during breeding.

The best cockatiel food brands, Harrisons cockatiel food and Zupreem cockatiel food, contain the beneficial minerals which are essential for a cockatiel breeding pair and are the best food for cockatiels during breeding.

The healthy the cockatiel diet, the healthy the breeding clutch will be. So make sure to add the best food for cockatiels during breeding in cockatiel feeding guide.

Soft and mashed veggies should be added in the cockatiel feeding guide.

D1 injection and Calcium supplements should also be given to the cockatiel breeding pair. D1 is the medicine which overcomes the lack of calcium due to the breeding after a short interval of time.


  1. Soaked whole wheat bread
  2. Hard-boiled eggs crushed with their shells
  3. Cereal
  4. Boiled rice
  5. Dried beans
  6. Peas
  7. Grains
  8. Oatmeal

These enlisted foods can all be added in the cockatiel feeding guide as the best food for cockatiels during breeding.

Can cockatiels eat cucumber?

Cockatiel parrots like to eat cucumber, as well as other greens like lettuce, dandelion and carrot tops. These vegetables contain a healthy amount of water which can be useful in summers.

Cockatiel Bird Food For Small Chicks

Usually, young cockatiel chicks are fed by their parents minimum for the first week of their birth.

Throughout the day, available fresh food items are the cockatiel bird food for small chicks. While a night parent cockatiel vomit for their chicks.

If the cockatiel parents are very interpersonal and well socialized, then you can manage the cockatiel chicks and check them over easily.

Cockatiel bird food for small chicks mainly consists of healthy cockatiel feeding guide. Make sure to add bet and healthy cockatiel diet in the cockatiel feeding guide for small chicks.

They require full crops to grow quickly. You can see a big difference in your cockatiel chick by adding grains, pellets and fresh fruits and vegetable in the cockatiel diet on daily basis.

Bread is among the best cockatiel bird food for small chicks and for the mother also because they need soft food to eat.

When your cockatiel chick is on hand feeding provide them with best cockatiel food brands. The best cockatiel food brand includes Harissons cockatiel food and Zupreem cockatiel food.

These are the best cockatiel food brands because they provide the best vitamins and minerals which are vital for the growth of a chick into mature cockatiel parrot.

The nesting box can become very dirty and caused bacterial or fungal infections in the cockatiel chicks, therefore, their nest boxes should be clean every day.

Can cockatiels eat honey?

In fact, honey is classified between the harmless food for cockatiel parrots to enjoy. Some seed sticks and seed balls are available in the market that contains honey in them.

Cockatiel Diet During Egg Laying

For assuring the good health of breeding cockatiels and their chicks, a cockatiel breeding pair should be independent.

They should be clear from disease and defects. They must be between 2 and 5 years old.

Cockatiel diet during egg laying consists of seeds, high-quality pellets, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Cockatiel Breeding pairs should be dosed with a calcium supplement commonly D1 injection.

It will help to assure appropriate egg developing and to help the female cockatiel recover energy and minerals wasted in the egg-making procedure.

Nourish your cockatiel breeding pair with soft food. Pellets and soft foods are excellent for cockatiels you expect to breed.

Is banana good for cockatiels?

A cockatiel parrot can eat a banana and it is a healthy fruit for their health.

Seeds containing fruits are dangerous to include in cockatiel diet because there is a risk of trapping od seed in the bird’s throat.

Best Cockatiel Food Brands

The top 4 best cockatiel food brands are under:

  1. Lafeber’s Cockatiel Nutri-Berries: Best Nutritious And The Better Cockatiel Seed Mix.
  2. Harrison’s cockatiel food: Best Pellets For Cockatiels Small-Sized.
  3. Zupreem cockatiel food: Best Diet For Cockatiels With Different Flavors.
  4. Kaytee Exact Natural Bird Food: the best food for Cockatiel.

These best cockatiel food brands can give your cockatiel the best and vital minerals needed for its growth.

Chicks on hand feeding can also be fed by Harissons cockatiel food and Zupreem cockatiel food.

Can cockatiels eat rice?

Grains including basmati and unpolished rice, whole wheat bread, toasted cornbread, and spinach pasta are the best source of carbohydrates for cockatiel parrots.

Cockatiel Care Sheet

A well-balanced cockatiel care sheet consists of:

  1. Specific grains should comprise 60 to 70% of cockatiel diet
  2. Plus fresh vegetables and fruits
  3. Small amounts of fortified seeds
  4. Clean, fresh and filtered water
  5. Water must be changed daily
  6. Avoid sugary and fatty foods
  7. Treats should not pass 10% of whole food
  8. Do not include these things in your cockatiel care sheet such as avocado, fruit seeds, chocolate, caffeine or alcohol because these can create severe medical situations.
  9. Provide your pet cockatiel with all bird cage accessories.
  10. Bird swings, bird perches and DIY bird toys must be provided.

This cockatiel care sheet must help you to produce a healthy breed this year.

What food can cockatiels not eat?

Make sure that never supply your cockatiel with any of such food, because they are greatly poisonous to cockatiel parrots, such as:

Avocado, Chocolate, Any Fruit Seeds, Onions, Garlic, Alcohol, Mushrooms, Salt, Caffeine, Uncooked Beans.

Foods which contain High-Fat, High-Sodium and High-Sugar level never added to the cockatiel diet.

Cockatiel Care During The Breeding Process

Cockatiel parrots are simple to breed if they should breed responsibly and you should able to find proper nests for cockatiel breeding.

Firstly, make sure that male and female cockatiel parrots are fit for breeding. And make sure that they are able to grow their chick properly.

There are some important steps for cockatiel care during the breeding process which are as under.

  1. Make sure your cockatiels are old enough. (+18 months)
  2. Make sure that the cockatiel parrots are not associated.
  3. Examine the marks of good health of your cockatiel parrot.
  4. Keep in mind that not all cockatiels make good parents.
  5. Expose cockatiel parrot 10-12 hours of natural or fresh light per day.
  6. Give them a healthy cockatiel diet.
  7. Bring the cockatiel breeding air in a large cage.
  8. Built a nest box.
  9. Male cockatiel prepares the nest.
  10. Observe the mating signs.
  11. Let the parent cockatiels to incubate their eggs.
  12. Keep the nest in the solely.
  13. Reduce the cockatiel’s breeding action.

Follow these steps for cockatiel care during the breeding process. I hope you will get a good clutch of eggs this year.

How long does a cockatiel bird live as a pet?

A cockatiel parrot can live for 20 years or more than 20 years as a pet. The cockatiel parrot will live a long and healthy life if you provide your pet parrot with proper diet and exercise.

Cockatiel Chicks Care

There are some questions related to cockatiel chicks care which are usually in every cockatiel breeder’s mind.

So get ready for proper cockatiel chicks care.

How to take care of cockatiel chicks?

When parent cockatiels are out of the nest box for collecting food for the chicks, it is the best time to clean the nest box.

If they will try to take in the nest box you should have to block the door.

Put the cockatiel chicks in a pot stuffed with a paper napkin. Place this pot in a mild area near you.

What temperature is too cold for a cockatiel?

Pet cockatiel parrot should stay within 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Cockatiel cage needed to be clear of drafts.

A pet cockatiel can survive on a broad scale of temperatures if the changes in temperature are slow. An immediate decrease in temperatures, although, is serious for cockatiel parrot.

Can cockatiels survive cold?

Naturally, cockatiel parrots are native to Austalia. In Australia, they can live in the states where the temperature relatively reaches high and low.

The coldest temperature of cockatiel’s natural home can have about 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

On its hottest, it can be above 109 degrees Fahrenheit.

How often do you feed a baby cockatiel?

Cockatiel chicks need to be fed after every four hours. The chicks can stay about 8 hours without feed at night. 4 to 6 milliliters are sufficient to supply the growth at this age.

What temperature should baby cockatiels be kept at?

Cockatiel chicks under three weeks of birth can live on room temperature of 92 degrees.

Adult cockatiel chicks can bear a temperature of 80 degrees.

Cockatiel Social Behavior

Understanding of Cockatiel social behavior matter a lot for the cockatiel breeder. To understand the cockatiel social behavior there are some questions that might help you.

How long should a cockatiel sleep?

When the days get longer, cockatiel parrots take midday sleep. People living with cockatiel parrots can determine this seasonal cockatiel social behavior.

Cockatiel parrots must need 10-12 hour continued and undisturbed sleep.

Do cockatiels get lonely?

Cockatiel parrots are friendly and partner birds, therefore, they require to communicate with the owner or different bird to grow.

Cockatiel parrots feel alone if they ignored and not found attention from his keeper. This will lead them to depressed.

They will stop singing, playing, eating and will their time alone by escaping in a corner of the cage.

How do you get a cockatiel to trust you?

  1. Attend the Vet.
  2. Ask your veterinarian to clip your cockatiel’s feathers before taming.
  3. Sit close to your pet cockatiel and talk to him.
  4. Get introduced with your cockatiel gradually.
  5. Give treats.
  6. If your pet cockatiel is happy with you and by his cage, take a treat for him by the cockatiel cage bars.
  7. Let the cockatiel parrot out of the cage and play.

How can you tell if a cockatiel is happy?

  1. Note tail wagging. Cockatiel parrots shake their tails, simply like other pets.
  2. Notice if your pet cockatiel walks near you.
  3. If you are close to your pet cockatiel and he/she come towards you, then this is the sign of happiness.
  4. Hear for cockatiel sounds.
  5. Cockatiel parrots love to talk when they are comfortable

How can you tell if a cockatiel is aggressive?

  1. Give attention to the contraction or dilation of your cockatiel pupils. If the cockatiel’s eyes quickly dilate, it means that he/she is becoming aggressive.
  2. See his head and feathers.
  3. Notice if he/she turn reversed.
  4. See for a bite.
  5. Hear for hissing.
  6. See wings fluttering


Firmly, you have been got enough knowledge about important cockatiel food recipes and best food for cockatiels during breeding.

Above Collective information about cockatiel bird food for small chicks and cockatiel diet during egg laying obviously, make you a good cockatiel keeper.

You have also studied above the best cockatiel food brands including Harrisons and Zupreem cockatiel food.

Cockatiel care sheet and imported instructions related to cockatiel care during the breeding process have been impressed you efficiently.
Cockatiel chicks care and cockatiel social behavior has discussed efficiently.