Pearl Cockatiel Food, Behave, Breeding, Lifespan & Care

Pearl cockatiels are among the marvelous mutations of cockatiel parrots. The Pearl cockatiels mutation is sex-linked recessive.

Pearl Cockatiel

Pearl cockatiel is an arranged cockatiel mutation. It is express as a lacy arrangement.

Pearl cockatiels have creamy white or yellow edges of their feathers. It is an all-covering arrangement.

In this article, we will discuss the appearance and behavior of pearl cockatiels. Some features that determine sexual differences of pied cockatiel will be also discuss.

Pearl Cockatiel

Pearl Cockatiel
Pearl Cockatiel

The cockatiel diet in the cockatiel feeding guide should be considered in the form of some commonly asked questions.

The care and feeding of pearl cockatiel parrots should be also considered in the form of some questions answers. Cockatiel feeding guide will also be described.

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The appearance of Pearl Cockatiel

Pearl cockatiel mutation has first appeared in 1970. It is the double mutation of lutino and pearl. It’s also, a mutation of Lutino Cockatiel and many Lutino Cockatiel Types also belong from this mutation.

The foundation color of pearl cockatiel will be faint bream color. They show fine yellow crenel covering the complete back.  

Normally, pearl cockatiels have a dark yellow colored tail. They contain yellow barrings on their tail and have yellow cheek patches.

As the pearl cockatiel matures, their eyes become deep red in color. After some time, they look like a dark-eyed bird.

Sexual Differences of Pearl Cockatiel

Sexual Differences of Pearl Cockatiel
Sexual Differences of Pearl Cockatiel

The male pearl cockatiel parrots will lose their pearling pattern after its molt of the first six months. This is due to partially concealed melanin.

While the female pearl cockatiel parrots will retain their pearly pattern.

Male cockatiel parrots can find out because of their brighter yellow head. Female cockatiel parrots posses dull grey coloring of the face.

By DNA testing you can determine the sexual differences between male and female pied cockatiel.

The behavior of Pearl Cockatiel

The Behavior of Pearl Cockatiel
The Behavior of Pearl Cockatiel

Scroll down and learn about the mood swings of your pearl cockatiel. The behavior of pearl cockatiel is as similar to the behavior of other cockatiel mutations.

There are answers to some questions which be easily aware you about the behavior of pearl cockatiel parrot. Pearl cockatiel contain white color from Albino Cockatiel.

Does cockatiel parrots need to be covered at night?

Cockatiel parrots are friendly by nature and will forever favor the partnership of their own species.

Pearl cockatiel parrots can be live in pairs. They can also live with the birds having the same sex. Pearl cockatiel parrots can be live in pairs. They can also live with the birds having the same sex.

Can a cockatiel parrot fly away?

Do not attempt to climb up on the tree to retain your cockatiel parrot if your he/she crosses high into the tree. Mostly they will off until you can reach him/her. White Faced Cockatiel and Types of White Faced Cockatiel can fly.

Can cockatiels see in the dark?

The charming talkative cockatiel parrots are the creation adapted to live in the day. They are not able to see in the dark.

Night loving or night active birds including owls and kiwis able to see in the dark. This as natural as breathing for them.

Those birds which are active throughout the day, including cockatiel parrots, have weak eyesight in the night.

Can pearl cockatiels see colors?

Like all birds, pearl cockatiel parrots have a bright vision. They have extremely greater eyesight than human beings.

While human beings can see only red, green and blue light. But the cockatiel parrots can see red, green, blue as well as ultraviolet light rays. They are able to visualize UV colors.

At what age is a cockatiel parrot fully mature for breeding?

Cockatiel parrots reach adolescence at age of 6 to 8 months.

They become fully adult at the age of 9 to 12 months.

It is suggesation that avoid breeding of cockatiel parrots until they reach the at the age of one year or more.

It will surely result in good breeding.

This information will help you to be a good breeder of cockatiel parrots. So, focus on these lines to produce healthy breeding of pearl cockatiel parrots this year by understanding their behavior.

Care and Feeding of Pearl Cockatiel

The care and Feeding of Pearl Cockatiel
The care and Feeding of Pearl Cockatiel

Care and feeding of cockatiel parrots are to be considered first to domesticate healthy breeding of cockatiel parrots.

Zupreem cockatiel food and Harrisons cockatiel food are among the best cockatiel food brands. We will also discuss the best cockatiel food brands and their requirement in the cockatiel food guide.
cockatiels see colors Zupreem cockatiel food and Harrisons cockatiel food are among the best cockatiel food brands. We will also discuss the best cockatiel food brands and their requirement in the cockatiel food guide.

These informative answers might help you how to care for a cockatiel parrot.

What temperature do pearl cockatiel like?

A normal pet pearl cockatiel can live between 60°F to 80°F.

A cockatiel parrot living in the cage can survive in a broad range of temperatures if the changes are continual.

During the period of cockatiel breeding, the temperature should be considered a lot.

An unexpected change in temperature can be dangerous for cockatiel parrots.

How cold is too cold for a cockatiel?

Pet cockatiel parrots have not the ability to change and adjust their body temperature when the environmental temperature varies.

That is why they can live in nearly constant temperatures.

How should I know that my cockatiel sick?

When a cockatiel parrot become sick, he/she may avoid to eat and drink. Possibly, they stop singing and whistling.

If your pearl cockatiel is suffering from respiratory illness, he/she will start coughing and make some breathing noises.

If the cockatiel parrot puffed his/her feathers than you might have to understand that he/she suffering from illness.

How do I know if my bird is dying?

Some following symptoms will let you know about the sickness of your cockatiel parrot.

1. Nestled

2. Resting low on the bird perch

3. Resting on the bottom of the cage

4. Hanging over the side of the cage with his beak rather of sitting on a bird perch

5. Head tucked below the wing and standing on two feet

6. Puffed feathers

7. Dizziness

8. Losing balance, weaving, or slipping off of bird perch

9. Lumps or inflammation of any part of the body

10. Pulling at his feathers or body

12. Shivering

13. Not preening

14. Irritated by other birds

15. Eyes dull, depressed, or unusual color

16. Walking in circles

17. The unusual smell to parrot or droppings

18. Drooped or elevated wings

If your cockatiel parrot shows some of these health problems than appoint a visit to the vet. And follow all the precautionary measures to make your pet fit.

Are cockatiels easy to care for?

You can make your cockatiel parrots enjoy by providing them 2 or 3 DIY bird toys in the cage. DIY bird toys can be made from paper or cardboard of softwood.

You can settle at least 2 bird perches in the cage.

Let them enjoy the puzzle games having deals inside.

Bird swings are the best source for the enjoyment and relaxing place of cockatiel parrots.

You can place a bird swing in the side of the cage.

Hence, all bird cage accessories must be provided for the proper care of cockatiel parrot.

Pearl Cockatiel Feeding Guide

A healthy cockatiel diet balanced diets that can be provided in the best cockatiel food brands such as:

1. Zupreem cockatiel food

2. Harrisons cockatiel food

In addition to these best cockatiel food brands, fruits, as well as fresh vegetables, should also be given to the cockatiel parrots.

If you perfectly care for your cockatiel parrot than he/she can live for almost lifespan of 20 years and maybe more.

Price of a Pearl Cockatiel

Pearl Cockatiel Prices normally differ in the price of $150 to $200.

The price of a cockatiel parrot can be influence by the age factor. Cockatiel parrots can usually have the lifespan around 15 years.

The perfect moment to buy a newborn pearl cockatiel is after it is weaned. The baby cockatiel is now powerful enough to adjust to a new environment or cage.

At this time, the cockatiel prices are very high but they become low-priced as the become mature.

That is why you will get that you want to adopt. Some mature pearl cockatiel parrots or ones that maybe have spots or marks on them as the result of cockatiel mutations.

Male and female pearl cockatiel parrots have the same price.


The informative article about pearl cockatiel competely describes the appearance and pearl cockatiel mutations. Study this article carefully if you want to know about the behavior of cockatiel parrots.

Sexual differences have been discussed.

Cockatiel Care and feeding factors and their importance for their healthy lifespan also been discussed. In this article, we also give a minor description of cockatiel diet and cockatiel feeding guide.

Bird cage accessories along with Bird swings and DIY bird toys , their requirement have been pointed shortly.

The above mention points are the major factors of a healthy lifespan of cockatiel parrots 

Their prices and their variation with respect to the rareness have also discussed.