Normal Grey Cockatiel Behave, Breeding, Food & Care

Normal grey cockatiel is the original cockatiel of all cockatiel color mutations. They mostly have grey plumage and round patches of orange color.

All types of cockatiel parrots are cockatiel color and genetic mutations, excluding the normal grey parrots.

Therefore, the system of cockatiel mutations starts to form the normal grey cockatiels that show wild type color. It’s also, Cockatiels mutation with beautiful Cockatiel colors.

These cockatiel color mutations start from the breeding of pet cockatiels in France in 1950s. So, almost it took 100 years to evolve a cockatiel mutation from the pre-existing.

So, in this article:

we will cover topics related to Normal Grey White And Grey Cockatiel, Yellow And Grey Cockatiel and  White Faced Cockatiel.

From their appearance to behavior and the cockatiel feeding to important bird cage accessories all should be cover in this article efficiently.

Different cockatiel sounds and colors should be also pointed out.

Normal Grey Cockatiel Appearance

Normal Grey Cockatiel Appearance
Normal Grey Cockatiel Appearance

The normal grey cockatiels commonly show the original Cockatiel color which is actually wild type grey.

Normal grey cockatiels have originally grey feathers with striking white markings on the exterior edges of each wing. They have orange cheek patches on both ears.

The orange color of patches is more bright in mature male cockatiels and frequently completely reduced in female cockatiels and cockatiel chicks. The sexual difference in normal cockatiels can be possible by this color variation in male and female cockatiels.

Size & Weight Of Cockatiel

Their size and weight are almost similar to all cockatiel mutations. The normal grey cockatiel parrots can grow to a grown-up size of only 12 inches.

Half of the total cockatiel size is consider for their long tail feathers. They weigh from 75 and 125 grams.

Are cockatiels easy to train?

Cockatiel parrots are very easy birds. They are easy to breed and train. Start to train your cockatiel parrot very slowly.

Give the cockatiel a good treat because this might attract your cockatiel towards you. The spray of millet is very common to tame if your cockatiel parrot is really passionate about food.

White And Grey Or White-Faced Cockatiel

White Faced Cockatiel
White Faced Cockatiel

Usually, when the normal grey cockatiel cross with albino cockatiels two cockatiel mutations came across as the result one of which is a white and grey cockatiel and the other one is a white-faced cockatiel.

White and grey cockatiel and white-faced cockatiel usually similar in appearance. White and grey cockatiel have the white and grey color of their body plumage.  They mostly white or slightly grayish tone of face color.

As the name of white-faced cockatiel shows that the white feathers on the face and the entire body is grey with some white infusions.

Can cockatiels eat grapes?

Cockatiel parrots can eat the orange, apple, mango, banana, peaches, papayas as well as grapes. Only make sure that you keep all the seeds of fruits far away from your parrot.

Yellow And Grey Cockatiel

Yellow And Grey Cockatiel
Yellow And Grey Cockatiel

When the normal grey cockatiels show some white or yellow plumage on the back of their neck and back then your normal grey cockatiel parrot split into recessive cockatiel pied mutation.

The pied cockatiel mutation is often refer to as yellow and grey cockatiel.

Basically, when the normal grey cockatiel shows the yellow and white color of feathers on the face with bright orange round cheek patches then the cockatiel is yellow and grey cockatiel.

In some cases, Normal grey cockatiels without cockatiel mutations have grey plumage of bodies with a yellow head and orange cheek circles.

This appearance is similar to the yellow and grey cockatiel.

What are the different colors of cockatiels?

There are some different cockatiel color mutations which are as under.

  1. Normal grey
  2. Lution
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Pied
  5. Pearl
  6. Albino
  7. Blue

What is a yellow cockatiel called?

Lutino cockatiels are commonly called yellow cockatiels because they have white and yellow body plumage with orange cheek spots.

Can cockatiels change color?

A cockatiel parrot who is very pressurize and upset can change its body color. Deficiency of some minerals or hormones cases cockatiel color to change.

After the first mole of cockatiel parrots, male cockatiel change their colorings while females don’t change their body color.

What are the different types of cockatiels?

  1. Ashen-fallow cockatiels
  2. White face lutino cockatiels
  3. Bronze-fallow cockatiels
  4. ADM pied cockatiel

Normal Grey Cockatiel Behave

Cockatiel parrots will frequently hiss and flap their wings to threaten their invader.

Cockatiel parrots often hang upside down under the bird perch and flap their wings for exercise. They perform stretching exercise.

Females expand their wings when swinging upside down to notified. Male cockatiels swagger about whistling unique songs and cockatiel sounds.

They are adapted to play with bird perches and DIY bird toys. They relaxed on bird swings.

So, provide them with all bird cage accessories which are required for their proper health and recreation.

How do I know if my cockatiel is male or female?

Markings, bearings and blotches under the wings and tail feathers might help you to detect whether your cockatiel parrot is male or female cockatiel.

Hold your cockatiel parrot under bright light to find out these markings. DNA testing is the way to clarify cockatiel sexual differences which must be 100% sure.

Lifespan Of Grey Cockatiel

In captivity, the lifespan of a grey cockatiel is about 15 to 25 years. Cockatiels living in the wild may live a short lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

Because, proper and healthy cockatiel diet must be required for their healthy lifespan. Cockatiels mostly live in wild therefore they have a short lifespan.

Are cockatiels noisy?

Cockatiel parrots are rather less noisy than other birds but sometimes they may produce different cockatiel sounds to show their behavior.

Male cockatiels are more talkative and noisy than female cockatiels. So if you live in an apartment or building surrounded by thin walls then female cockatiels are best to own.


This article completely covers all information about normal grey parrots.

The appearance of normal cockatiel, White and grey or white-faced cockatiel and yellow and grey cockatiel parrots have successfully explained.

The behavior of normal grey cockatiel, White and grey or white-faced cockatiel and yellow and grey cockatiel parrots is briefly explained. The life span of cockatiel has been given efficiently.