Do betta fish like light? Betta Fish Tank Colored LED Light

Betta fishes like light so that they acknowledge when to wake up and prefer sleeping in darkness. It is most suitable to turn the aquarium light of the fish tank on in the morning and set it off quite before bedtime. So, Here are the answer of the question “Do betta fish like light?”

Do betta fish like light

Betta Fish Tank light

Do betta fish like light
Place the aquarium in natural daylight

These fishes like most animals and even humans need a light cycle. An aquarium light on your tank is suggested to implement a light to your betta throughout the daytime. A betta should be displayed to about 14 to 16 hours of light in a 24-hour day. 

Betta Fish LED light

Keeping a light on the whole night can mentally pressurize the fish. More regular tank cleaning pursues and promotes algae. Place the aquarium in natural daylight. This helps in boosting algae growth, leads to cleaning the tank regularly.

Do fish like-colored LED lights

Do betta fish like light
Prefer to avoid colored lights

Betta fish prefer direct sunlight or artificial light that imitates their natural environment.

 It is best to avoid colored lights as they can see the light which can often make them casually stressed out. Otherwise, Colored lights do not harm your betta.


Light is a basic requirement for betta fishes like other animals and fishes. The light makes it easy for them to recognize whether it is daytime or napping time. Light also assists them in locating food.

An Aquarium light is placed on the tank to provide them with a light source either it is natural or artificial. It does not matter. But, avoid placing your tank under direct sunlight as it may cause a rise in the water temperature.


1. Do betta fish need light?

Yes, they need light as it can help them to know when to wake up and sleep. It also helps them in locating their food.

2. Do betta fish need light at night?

No, they don’t necessarily light at night. Turn any of the lights off during bedtime, giving your fish ease to rest. Keeping a light on all night can stress your fish a lot.

3. How much light do these fish need?

Must provide your fish with around 8 to10 hours of light daily but not more than that. Excess of light can be injurious.24/7 availability of light can’t make them take a rest and they can come to be stressed.

Betta fish adopt a catalog where they have proper light and dull periods so they can go into a normal sleeping figure.

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