Silkie Guinea Pig | Facts, Lifespan, Characteristics, Price

Silkie Guinea Pig is considered an innovative breed of guinea pigs, produced by crossbreeding a Self Black Guinea Pig with a Peruvian guinea pig. They are unique animals with long and smooth coats. Cavia porcellus is the scientific name suggested for all Guinea pig varieties. 

Facts about Silkie Guinea Pig

Details Specifications
Breed Name: Silkie Guinea Pig
Classification:  Cavia Porcellus Family
Rank: Breed
Kingdom Animalia
Order:  Rodentia
Color Varieties:  Tortoiseshell, brindle, Agouti, Himalayan
Average Lifespan:  5 to 8 years
Size Range:  7 to10 inches
Weight:  2 lbs Adult 
Temperament:  Most gentle and shy creatures
Care:   Average
Diet:  Timothy hay, vegetables, pellets
Approx Cage size: 600mm long x 300mm wide x 300mm tall.
Cage Setup:  Large cage with cozy bedding
Harmony:  Moderate 
Cost: $20 to $30 (minimum)
Suitable for: Loyal and adult owners

Silkie guinea pig life span

Silkie guinea pig life span
Silkie Guinea Pig live a life longer than rodents

The average lifespan of silkie guinea pigs is small from a maximum of 4 to 5 years but they can live up to 8 years if properly cared for. Tier lifespan is similar to rabbits and shorter than cats and dogs. They live a life longer than rodents like mice and rats whose lifespan is just 2 to 4 years. 

Silkie guinea pig colors variety

They are found in a vast diversity of colors from ordinary to exceptional. They look like elegant breeds with several blends and modifications of red, green, brown, grey, gold to white, and black. Some are neck-banded possessing a particular color around the neck hairs.

Others are the blend of brindle, agouti, dutch, tortoiseshell or its combination with white, roan, or Himalayan. Those who are not pigmented i.e. with a completely white coat and red or pink eyes are known as albinos. While the elementary shade is self that produces when solo pigment exists. 

Silkie Guinea pig baby

They are skinny Baldwin with less or no hairs. They take a week or a minimum of 5 days to get stable on their feet. It should be cared for properly to grow as an adult. 

Silkie guinea pig care plan

Silkie guinea pig care plan
Clean their cage thoroughly every week

Their care is simple and easy to maintain.

  •  Place them in a good and ventilated enclosure that is separate from other pets.
  •  Provide them with an appropriate nutritional diet.
  • Must supply them with vitamin supplements once a month.
  • Comb their hairs daily with a baby or bristle brush or toothbrush and give them a bath to groom them well.
  • Give them lots of exercises as it is necessary for them.
  • Allow them to move freely in the house for a short period once a day under proper guidance.
  • If you are going to accommodate two silkie guinea pigs together provide them with a large cage minimum of 100 square inches of floor area for each.
  • Clean their cage thoroughly every week from hiding huts to dishes with a cleaner suggests for guinea pigs to disinfect and sterilize them.
  • Check their dirty bedding regularly and replace them after every cleaning.
  • Also, give them regular vet checkups to maintain and ensure their health safety.

 Giving attention to the above detail makes your silkie guinea pig healthy and happy.

Silkie Guinea pig characteristics

They possess a soft and shiny coat of long straight hair usually from about 24 inches in length or sometimes up to that. The hairs stream back in an upward direction from its neck towards lower body parts that give them a teardrop shape leaving its face unexposed. They have two bright eyes, four little skinny legs, and two ears hidden beneath their straight hairs. Their furs are silkier, smooth, and shiny but they lack dense coats and fringe of facial hairs as compared to Peruvian guinea pigs.

Silkie guinea pig price

Silkie guinea pig price
Silkie Guinea pig furs are smooth and shiny

This breed of the guinea pig is most difficult to find but is occasionally available at pets stores and shelters or you can buy them easily from current online breeders. They differ in prices from praiseworthy breeders to places depending on which we rely upon to buy. Their prices usually range between $20 to $30 and sometimes more than this.

American silkie guinea pig

They are known as the offsprings of South American Tschudi Guinea Pig breeds. They are a small and popular breed of guinea pigs who generally have a soft, smooth coat and short body. Their length lies between a maximum of 8 to 9 inches (20 cm to 22.5 cm).

They possess a round shape nose and remarkable ears. Their size range exists in a wide diversity from small as a rat to large as a miniature dog. They occur in a wide variety of colors and hairstyles. They need minimal care which makes them excellent pets for children. Provide them with a continuous supply of hay to munch on. 

Peruvian silkie guinea pig

Peruvian silkie guinea pig
It have abnormal long silky hair growth all over their body

They are known to be the best long-haired guinea pigs among the whole cavy breeds. They have abnormal long silky hair growth all over their body. Their hairs can evolve up to 50 cm in length. That is the reason they are not capable to groom themselves.

Their long coats are tangled due to the extra length factor and these matted long coats may lead to cause several severe diseases and bacterial infections under the skin. Keep them well-groomed and thoroughly trimmed their coats weekly. This is highly recommended as they are the breed of guinea pigs that need prolonged attention of their keepers for maintaining them well to make them feel comfortable. They are quite calm and gentle animals.


Silkie guinea pig is a cavy breed that has a long, silky, and smooth coat that only grows backward. Silkie is named as sheltie guinea pigs in Britain. The scientific name for this breed is Cavia Porcellus. They are human-friendly, calm, and amiable breeds, beautiful to look at.  These are popular guinea pig breeds that are hard to find. They proved perfect pets also show animals for dedicated owners. They require minimal maintenance to groom well. Comb their hairs regularly in short strokes towards the direction in which the hairs are growing.


1. How much does a Silkie guinea pig cost?

This cavy breed varies in price because of its unique diversity in coats and colors. Their maximum cost range lies between $10 to $40.

2. How to groom a Silkie guinea pig?

Their long hairs need to be groomed regularly. Brush their hairs daily to keep their coats maintained and to refrain them from tangled and matted. Prefer a baby or bristled brush or a toothbrush to comb their hairs instead of using magnetic combs that can peel off their skin and get them hurt.

3. Where can I buy a Silkie guinea pig?

This guinea pigs breed is quite difficult to find but you may get them from online pages, various pet shops, shelters, or rescues.

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