Flemish Giant Rabbit Behave, Breeding, Food & Care

Flemish Giant Rabbit is the domestic yet largest breed of the species. These rabbits are utilized for fur and meat. They are also called the king of rabbits. Why? Due to their size, longevity, and huge giant personality. Moreover, they gain immense weight so fast. Flemish giant rabbit is the best pet due to its sweet yet loveable nature. They can easily get mix with the family. Nature has given the giant rabbits 7 seven different colors. Some are black, blue, fawn while some are light gray, steel gray, sandy and white. Are you looking for a giant bunny? Then Flemish Giant Bunny Rabbit is the best choice without any doubt.

Does Flemish Giant Make Good Pets?

Does Flemish Giant Make Good Pets
In this image, you can see the friendly behavior of the flemish giant rabbit.

If you are looking for a loveable pet then Flemish Giant Rabbit is a great choice so far. They are good companions and blend well into the family. Moreover, they are sweet, calm, good in friendship, and loving family pets. If you keep them inside the home then they’ll jump around the house just to sit on the owner’s lap. Don’t handle them roughly because they’ll feel insecure and scratch or bite you in return.

Flemish Giant Rabbit Lifespan

It is one of the healthy breeds and can live for 8 or 10 years. They are strong but the lifespan mainly depends on the care and diet. The other important thing is protection. Protect them from hunters and provide them healthy food to increase the lifespan. 

Flemish Giant Rabbit For Sale

Do you want to keep a rabbit as a pet? Well, these rabbits are available everywhere. You can get the Flemish Giant Rabbit For Sale NC from the pet shop or find it online. There are so many pet-related ads available online from where you can buy the rabbit for sale.

Flemish Giant Price

The Flemish Giant Price starts from $30 to $80. Best the condition high will be the price. You can get this calm pet from any pet shop. The price mainly depends on the rabbit quality and condition. Moreover, if you want to own a rabbit you need to provide them an adequate environment.

Continental Giant Rabbits are the descendants of the Flemish giant rabbit. They are the oldest yet largest rabbit breed. The breed of the Flemish giant rabbit is similar to the continental rabbit. Though there is a slight difference in body type of both breeds. Otherwise Flemish and continental giant rabbits have same heavy strong yet thick bones, head broad with long ears.


Flemish Giant Rabbit Size


The size of the Flemish giant rabbit increase as they grow large. But the average size of a Giant Flemish Rabbit is 4 feet and 3 inches.

Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders

There are so many breeders of Flemish giant rabbits around the globe. It is the large breed of domestic rabbit thus mostly the breeders are those who kept them as a pet. Moreover, you can find breeders through online surfing. However, in 1915, the national federation of rabbit breeders was formed. They work to improve and promote the breed. They provide them adequate care and a favorable environment to grow.

Flemish Giant Rabbit Care

Are you thinking to add this giant rabbit to your pet family? Before taking them home make sure if you can provide them adequate care or not. Because this breed requires great care more than an average rabbit need. Here are the points you must keep in mind:

  • The first thing is to provide them enough space. They need a lot of space due to their large structure. Moreover, space must be large enough so they will comfortably move in it.
  • The second main thing is food. Give them enough food to eat. Though they eat more than an average rabbit so provide them high-quality pellets with 16% protein and timothy hay.
  • Give them the proper time. They eat more and dirty their litter box too often. So clean their littler box 3-4 times a day. They have the ability to digest food faster than an average rabbit. So change their litter box timely without any delays.
  • The other thing is to place them in a cool environment during summers and keep them warm in winter. They can’t handle heat due to the giant structure so provide them cool air through any fan, place frozen bottles in their cage or send them to any cool place.

Flemish Giant Rabbit Weight


The average weight of this rabbit is 15 pounds. However, they can reach to a big size very quickly. By seven weeks of age, the rabbit already weighs about 5 or more pounds. This shows how quickly their size increases. Thus there is no such maximum weight or size of a giant rabbit. Most rabbits have 14lbs weight but it can increase up to 21 pounds with 4 to 5 inches long. The weight of a male rabbit can reach up to 22 pounds while a female rabbit can get the weight up to 20 pounds.


How Long Do Flemish Giant Rabbits Live?

They can live for 5 years or more depends on the quality of care you provide.

How Big Do Flemish Giant Rabbits Get?

They are the largest rabbit breed. Their weight starts from 15lbs and can reach up to 22lbs. However, they can grow up to 2.5 feet long or more.

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