Texel Guinea Pig | Facts, Appearance, Grooming, Diet, Price

Texel Guinea Pig considers the latest breed of Guinea Pig, brought up in Britain. They are introduced after cross breeding a Silkie Guinea Pig with a Rex Guinea Pig. Cavia porcellus is the scientific name for this breed.They are admired for their long fluffy and curly hairs.

Texel guinea pig facts

Details Specifications
Breed Name: Texel Guinea Pig
Scientific Name: Cavia Porcellus
Classification:  Caviidae Family
Kingdom: Animalia
Rank: Breed
Order:  Rodentia
Color Arrangements: Strong, patterned, combination
Average Lifespan:  7 to 10 years
Size Range:  10 to11 inches
Weight:  2.5 lbs Adult 
Temperament:  Calm, Friendly, amiable, pleasant
Care:   Moderate 
Diet:  Guinea Pig food, hay, vegetables, pellets
Approx Cage size: 7.5-10.5 square feets
Cage Setup:  pretty natural & clean
Harmony:  Balanced
Cost: 20$-75$ (maximum)
Appropriate for: Dedicated owne

Texel guinea pig Appearance

Texel guinea pig appearance
They have huge heads

Texel pig is a beautiful cavy with lavish ringlets and curls in their coat. They have huge heads mostly round shapes and possess a carcass shorter than other breeds of Guinea pigs. They possess four little chubby legs, two sparkling eyes, and two ears covered beneath their wavy hairs. In many cases, their facial hairs are short enough that they cannot suffocate them, and they often lack hairs on jawlines and ears. 

Range of Texel guinea pig life span

The average lifespan of a texel pig is 5 to 7 years. However, if they are properly cared for and supplied with the best nutrition and exercise they can live up to a maximum of about 8 to 10 years in captivity.

Texel guinea pig baby

Texel guinea pig baby
They grow as adults

Texel guinea pig babies are almost born without hairs. These hairless pups are then supervised properly to grow as adults. They have to be nursed efficiently for a minimum of 5 days after birth to assist them to stand completely. Their mothers give them the most extreme possibility of survival.

Texel Guinea pig color diversities 

Guinea pig texel is found in a large range of colors and patterns that rely on genetics. They occur in white, black, yellow, grey, red, golden to blend, sprinkle, unmixed, roan, and patterned. This color heterogeneity of texel pigs presents them as a highly unique show pig and much prettier.

Texel Guinea Pig Size & Weight

Texel Pigs are not large-sized animals. They evolve up to approximately 10 to 11 inches in length and generally weigh between 1.5 to 2.5 pounds implies 700g – 1200g when a healthy adult. 

Texel Guinea Pig personality and demeanor

Texel Guinea Pig personality and demeanor
These are quite calm personality

Guinea Pig Texel are quite calm and gentle species, elegant to look at. They are famous for winning global prizes all around the world on account of their beauty. They are proven excellent pets because of their human familiarity and loving nature. Their attraction to humans occurs easily if they start to handle it at a very young age. They are obedient in personality and they can easily be handled by children. They sometimes behave a little bit worse and troublesome but are the most active breed of Guinea pigs.

Texel Guinea Pig Grooming 

Texel Guinea pigs need to be groomed consistently regularly. The long wavy coat has to be trimmed weekly to prevent dirt from entering into it. Adult texel guinea coats grow faster up to a rate of 2.5 inches per month. Because of this faster hair growth, trimming is highly recommended to the keepers as a must from the genital parts to refrain urine and feces from entering the coat. Before cutting, must knot the hairs with lukewarm water. 

Give a monthly bath for cleansing to sterilize and disinfect your pets with specific shampoos made for guinea pigs. Focus on washing them every day from the bottom where hairs move into the urine and waste to maintain a proper hygiene system.

 Also, cut their nails thoroughly once a month and clean their ears to avert frequent wax building caused by long hairs. Brush their hairs at least per day a week or every other day to show neatness and prevent debris from entering their coat. 

Texel Guinea Pig Diet

Their diet plan is similar to the diet intake of other varieties of guinea pigs. They prefer to eat only

  • Specific guinea pigs food that covers the main part of their diet.
  • High-quality Timothy hay.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits constitute 10% of their diet.
  • Pellets that take 5% of their diet.
  • Clean also purified chlorine-free potable water.

Also, supply them with 30-40 percent vitamin C either in their regular diet or through vitamin supplementation. 

Texel Guinea Pig types 

Texel Guinea Pig types 
These are cutest texel pig

Texel Guinea pigs are further classified based on appearances instead of heredity. They are found in a wide range of color diversities but black and white breeds are the rarest among them.

  •  Black Texel Guinea Pig

This type focuses on a thoroughly black coat texel pig with no highlights. All body parts of this type including ears, nose, eyes, feet are covered with long black curly hairs. Black texel pig bred when Black is a dominant color trait among one of the parents Texel pigs.

  • White Texel Guinea Pig

They feature a white coat that exhibits only white long furry hairs all over the body. They are supposed to be the cutest texel pig. A White color trait is dominant in one of the parent pigs of this variety guinea texel pigs.

Texel Guinea Pig price

They vary in prices from creditable breeders to places depending on which we prefer to buy from. Due to their wide range of color varieties and sizes, they are found at various costs from 30$ to 40$ and between 20$ to 75$ and sometimes more than this. You can avail them easily on online sites or stores, nearby shops, and pets shelters. Also, they are becoming popular day by day and a time will come soon when their demand increases to a level that they will be unable to buy. 


Texel guinea pigs are quite stunning, cool temperaments, long curly hair animals easy to supervise. They are the best pets easy to tame because of their loving and friendly nature. These are found in various color combinations from solid to patterned also. They are small in size and adults weigh up to a maximum of 2.5 pounds. They are unique and popular for their long flurry hairs that cover all body parts even eyes are difficult to see. Because of hairs, they need a proper well-grooming session per week.


1. What is a Texel guinea pig?

This breed is a new modification of guinea pigs that were first created in England between the early 1980s and 1990s They are little pocket pets comfortable to carry with and found in a wide assortment of colors. 

2. How to do Texel guinea pig grooming?

They possess long hair all around the body. This coat should have to be trimmed regularly especially from the gonads to prevent feces and urine from entering into the coat. Their hairs should be to comb with a soft baby brush or synthetic comb to groom them well.

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