Why Did My Betta Fish Die? | Causes, Behavior, Symptoms

Betta fishes can’t survive under inadequate water conditions. They may die due to poor water surroundings, overfeeding, low-temperature levels, and congested territory. Unexpected deaths resulted from non-optimal water conditions. So here are the answer “Why Did My Betta Fish Die?”

Betta Fish death causes

Betta fish are dead due to several reasons that cause them to die.

  • Stress
  • Injuries
  • Overfeeding
  • Illness
  • High Ammonia or Nitrite levels
  • Incorrect PH levels
  • Extreme or low Temperatures
  • Inappropriate tank size
  • Overcrowded Tank
  • Lack of Aquarium Preparations

Betta Fish turned black and died

Why Did My Betta Fish Die
Betta Fish Stress can make a betta lose its colors

Stress can make a betta lose its colors. Stress is a severe dilemma for fish that causes illnesses, loss of color, including, sooner or later, death. Losing color is also a sign of old age. You should not have to worry if your betta fish is turned black unless or until it shows some signs of illness.

Betta Fish die After a water change

My betta fish died when a large change in water takes place, it often cannot tolerate it and eventually die. If these changes occur slowly, bettas can adapt to them.

How long can Fish survive without water change?

Why Did My Betta Fish Die
It depends on the type of tank

Change 30-50% of the water every week If you keep your Betta inside an unfiltered tank. You should have to change more water if the size of the tank is small. But If your Betta remains in a filtered tank later you simply need to replace out around 20% of the water every week. It also depends on the type of tank one contains.

Why does fish sit on the bottom of the tank?

Betta lying on the base of the tank means it is sleeping. If you seeing your betta is gasping at the bottom or surface of the tank, pale in color, has a feeble tail fin, non-respondent eyes including their gills fanning visibly. It is a sign that they are in a critical condition and will die If not recovered immediately.

Betta Fish behavior before death

Why Did My Betta Fish Die
Fish behavior before death is Unresponsive eyes
  • Lack of starvation.
  • Deficiency or lethargy
  • Loss of symmetry or tendency to float, buoyant upside down, or staying on the tank ground.
  • Unpredictable floating.
  • Non-responsive eyes
  • Discoloration along the fish’s body.


Betta fish dead when it prescribes a kind of severe disease. A Lot of stressed conditions may also result in fish death. The main and most common reason that offers leads to a fish’s death is poor water conditions. Sometimes overcrowded tank mates placed in a single small-sized aquarium also result in betta fish dying. Betta fish gasping at the bottom of the tank is a leading sign diagnosis that your fish is about to die.


1. Do Betta Fish float when they die?

It is not a must that betta fishes lie on the surface when they die. Many of them found on the ground or in their desired place. Don’t spontaneously imagine your betta is dead though if it is topsy-turvy. Sometimes they are still alive.

2. How do Betta Fish die?

Poor water conditions, cold water temperatures, and overeating often cause a Betta fish to die. A mortal existence situation and being away from the somatic destruction, can results when a fish is suffering from below uniform stress. Later there are more chances to become sick and probably to die.

3. Why did my Betta Fish die suddenly?

The most common condition of betta fish death possibility is inadequate water conditions. Immediate water temperature changes can lead to a betta fish dying. To maintain the water at the correct temperature, the water should keep clean to withdraw diseases and infections.

4. Why did my Betta Fish die after I changed the water?

Changing out a large amount of water can let your Betta to die from trauma. It can also cause the fish to become stressed that results in Betta fish dying slowly rather than on the spot.

5. How do you revive a Betta Fish?

It is possible to revive a dying fish, but it is improbable to recover a fish when the fish dies. 

  • Clean the tank after every three days. Add either Ampicillin or Tetracycline into the water to treat it. 
  • The tail will repair itself over age, but might not obtain its original renown. 
  • If remains untreated, this condition can progress to the period where it rises to eat away fish’s body.

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