Satin Rabbits | Facts, Appearance, Life Tenure, Breeders, Price

The satin rabbit despite its size is a famous breed with the size ranging from medium to large. This breed is considered a pet as well as an exhibition breed.  These rabbits have decent trash size and females proved good mothers. Some breeds of satin rabbits are a little cranky and protective when they are young.

Satin Rabbits

Satin Rabbit Appearance

 The satin rabbit breed has a commercial body shape, compact build, round shape, and powerful hindquarters. When they are fully grown their size reaches from about 8 to 11 pounds.  However, due to different breeding and environmental conditions, European breeds have a smaller size of 8paounds. Their hindquarters are smooth so they lose fat.  The satin rabbits can sit on the ground beyond the upright years because their back is well curved.

Satin Rabbit Coat

Satin rabbits have unique, short coats

The satin rabbits have unique, silky, and short coats. Their satin coat is the outcome of invisible shine, which makes the diameter of hairs smaller than the normal diameter of hairs. They can capture light because of tiny bubbles in their coat. This unique coat seems to demand a lot of maintenance, but satin rabbits do not require maintenance as other rabbit breeds.

Satin Rabbit For Meat

Rabbit meat is commonly used all over the world, not only for its taste but also for its benefits. Their meat is beneficial not only for adults but also for kids. It’s hard to find good meat rabbits that beat satin’s compatibility because they have a high meat-to-bone ratio. These rabbits are fast-growing and can grow up to 5 lbs in a few weeks. Their coat is thick, which makes them beautiful and shiny. This breed not only provides meat but their fur is also used to make clothes.

Satin Rabbit Color

Satin rabbits have unique, short coats

This rabbits have unique shiny fur, due to mutation in genes. These rabbits are found in a diversity of colors including blue, black, white, brown and orange.

  • Copper Satin Rabbits

 This color is characterized by a different arrangement of colors: the upper and inner layer is blue with the orange transition to the wool and dark copper. Neck and eyes are lighter in color.

  • Satin Siamese Rabbits

This color is also characterized by a combination of different colors, including dark and green. Legs of these rabbits are darker and their eyes are brighter.

  • Satin Angora Rabbit

Satin Angora rabbits have a commercial body type, used to make fiber.  As compared to the other angora rabbits their wool is fine and smooth. The outer layer is translucent which gives their outer layer an elegant shine. One of the finest wool is produced from this breed. These rabbits are found in different colors: Red Black White.

Satin Angora rabbits have thick fur, they can do well in cold weather, Due to the hot climate they can face some problems. These rabbits are exposed to various diseases like wool black, in which they eat their loose fur. When their belly is full of their loose fur they feel full to eat, and if not treated it may lead to death. These rabbits have a cool and friendly temperament and can prove to be  good pets.

Satin Rabbit Facts

Satin Rabbit Facts
These rabbits are polite and gentle
  • Temperament

These rabbits are polite and gentle so they are good for children. These rabbits prove to be generally friendly, calm, and relaxed. Having this type of rabbit is not a problem for any owner, because it is sociable but not very active. Satin rabbits have an outgoing personality. It is important to spend some time with them. 

These rabbits should be trained at the early age of their life. This is not a pet to keep in a cage, because this species of rabbit requires you to try and accompany it outside the cage. Satin rabbits are not easy to train but they can be good pets for children, couples, and also families.

  • Diet

Satin rabbits are easy to care for as domestic pets. Their weight and pleasant fur require a continuous supply of water and food. The major portion of their diet consists of hay thats major portion is mostly calcium and fiber, leafy vegetables, and fruits. 

This complete diet is required for them to keep their unusual shine and luster intact. Satin rabbits are not hyperactive as other rabbits, but their body needs to be hydrated. They should provide water otherwise they tire out easily.

  • Health Issues

Satin rabbits do not require too much care, but for their better life, they must be observed regularly. As they are indoor pets they may suffer from obesity due to lack of activity and compact body type. If their food does not contain enough hay, then it may lead to the outgrowth of teeth, which is painful for the pet.

  • Life Tenure

Satin rabbit breeds are not the strongest breed enough to survive long.  Their life span is similar to other domestic species which can live up to 5 years or a little more. However, if they are protected well and adequate care is given to them they can live for 7 years.

As these are indoor pets, they must provide an adequate amount of vitamin ‘D’ artificially. Despite best care and providing all the nutrients, these rabbits never can cross the decade. The maximum life tenure of these rabbits is from 7 to 9 years.

Satin Rabbit Breeders

Satin Rabbit Breeders
Stain rabbits must have shiny fur and erect ears

One should buy satin rabbits from the breeders that are certified by the Americans Rabbit Breeders Association, and they should be healthy. These rabbits must have shiny fur and erect ears, and breeders are capable of answering the question regarding their health and temperament.

Organizations that help in buying rabbits are;

  • American Rabbit Breeders Association
  • British Rabbit Council
  • USA rabbit breeder Directory 

Satin Rabbit Price

The price of satin rabbits is from 50$ to 100$. These rabbits are not so expensive, but their maintenance costs some extra money. 

  • As they are indoor pets they require vitamin D artificially.
  • These rabbits are large, so they require a large cage.
  • Regular dental check-up


Satin rabbits are a beautiful breed of rabbits, with their unique display of shiny furs. These rabbits do not require much attention so they can do well alone. These rabbits delight us and soothe us with their beautiful colors, textures, and behaviors. If you are looking for a cute, shiny, and friendly pet, consider bringing Satin rabbits as your first choice into life.


1. What are satin rabbits used for?

Satin rabbits are used as a source of good meat for the family. In addition, its shiny fur is also used to make fiber.

2. How long do satin rabbits live?

The average life spans of satin rabbits are 5 years, but with reasonable care, they can live up to 9 years.

3. What is the rarest rabbit color?

American blue rabbit is the rarest rabbit color in the United State.

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