Do Fish Feel Pain? Do Fish Feel Pain emotional

Have you ever wondered if animals feel? Well, they have feelings, and they feel pain too. It would be inhumane to think that animals are numb creatures. Fishes are also animals. So, do they feel pain or not? The answer to that is not that simple. The pain is not the same as we feel.

First, let’s find out what pain is. Then, you’ll find the answer to whether fish feel hurt or not.

What is pain?

It might be hard for you to put into words, but you know what pain is when you hit your pinky on the corner. Scientifically, it is a displeasing sensation that occurs after some damage.

Do other animals feel pain?

Nociceptors are the pain receptors that sense the damage and inform your body. Previously, people had a hard time believing that animals felt pain. However, today scientists and the laymen agree that not only humans but animals also have nociceptors. So, they, like us, feel the pain.

Difference between emotional and physical pain

There’s a pain from a breaking a bone, and there’s also one from a heartbreak. We humans get hurt by both kinds of pain.

In emotional pain, there is no physical damage. The neocortex part of the brain tells you when you are hurt emotionally. It can be a heart-wrenching breakup, death of a dear one, or a humiliation.

However, fishes do not have a neocortex. Therefore, it leads to some scientists arguing that fish do not feel the “pain” as we do.

Do fish feel pain?

Do Fish Feel Emotionally and Physically Pain

If you go back a couple of years earlier, you’d find people divided on this issue. Some websites might straightforwardly say, “No, they don’t.” Meanwhile, the rest of the internet would say that they do.

Today, we can conclude whether they feel pain or not. First, let’s talk about their bodies. They, like us, have nociceptors. Yes! The very receptors that make the body feel the pain. If there is any harm, like different temperature, change in pressure, or any toxic animals, the fish’s brain will activate the receptors.

So, in a nutshell, fishes feel pain. However, it is different from the type of pain we feel.

Over the years, scientists have conducted different experiments on different types of fish. From pricking needles to dropping Lego blocks on them, only to find out that all the cruelty activated the pain receptors.

What does that change?

As human beings, we should be empathetic. That is the essence of humanity. Now that we know that fishes pain, are we going to treat them better than before? We have to ask ourselves, are we going to treat them only as food on the plate, pets in the aquarium, and trophies of sport?


1. Does changing the water kill fishes?

A fish becomes accustomed to its surroundings. When you change the environment, the fish have a hard time adapting, and they eventually die.

2. How do you know if a fish is in stress?

A fish will show signs like gasping, swimming weirdly, or not eating the food properly.

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