Where do Fish Live? and What Do Fish Need? Complete Guideline

“where do fish live.” Well, you might think that you know Yes, fish live in the water. However, the proper answer is way deeper than you think.

Different fishes have different needs. Hence, they have different homes and environment underwater. The needs are based on different factors. It is the availability of oxygen, the concentration of salts, the type of food present, the temperature, and the spots to hide from the predators.

What are the needs of the fish?

When deciding where to live, the fish have to consider their needs. Here are some of the conditions in which the fish have to live.

Salt concentrations

Fishes have to retain a certain amount of salts in their bodies. Nothing more, and nothing less. So, fishes live in either freshwater or marine water. However, some fishes can live in both environments.

Availability of oxygen

Like other animals, fish also need oxygen to live. Underwater, plants provide the oxygen by utilizing the sunlight photosynthesis.

However, the light can reach till a length only. So, below, there are the deep-sea fishes that have adapted to live with low oxygen.

Availability of food

Fishes have to check the availability of food before settling. Herbivore fishes will settle near plants, and the carnivores will have to look for the fishes for their taste in their community.

Quality of water

Although some fishes can tolerate terrible water conditions, it affects them significantly. Water pollution majorly impacts the oxygen situation. Fishes even die due to the chemical waste dumps.

Cover from predators

Smaller fishes have to live somewhere safe. Their best bet is to hide from their predators. Let’s face it, they’re never going to stand a chance against them.

Similar to how Marlin and Nemo lived in a sea coral, many fishes find a home under the rocks, logs, or plants.

Where do the different fish live?

Where do Fish Live

Now that you know what their needs are, let’s find out where the different species of fishes live. About 75% of the earth is water. So, fishes have a lot of options.


The fishes that live in freshwaters as that of ponds, rivers, streams, and lakes. They cannot live in the marine environment.

Some of the most common examples that you’d know of are the catfish, bass, bream, carps, trout, and the pike.


The water of the seas and oceans has a great concentration of salts. The fishes that live here cannot live in freshwater. Some of the saltwater or marine fishes are sharks, tuna, sea trout, cod, yellowtail, rockfish, and halibut.

There are some fishes that live in the deep-sea, below 500 meters.


It is the point where freshwater meets the sea or ocean. Interestingly, salt concentration changes continuously. The fishes that live in this area can tolerate both freshwater and saltwater conditions.

Some of the fishes are the redfish, sea trout, sea bass, mullet, and redfish.


1. Do fish migrate?

Yes, most of the fishes migrate. It can be for a few hundred meters to thousands. They do it to reproduce and find food.

2. What do fish eat?

Some fishes eat plants, while others feed on other smaller fishes and animals. Some eat both animals and plants.

Now you know the proper answer of “where do fish live.” If you want to read more about Fishes please visit PetsHoods.