Legbar Chicken Breeds, Eggs, Sale and All Information

Legbar Chicken Breed is known as the British autosexing breed which is very rare and you can’t find them commonly anywhere. The legbar was originated in the 1800s and created through the cross-breeding of a few breeds including barred plymouth rock chicken, cambars, leghorns, and Araucanas. The main aim of creating this breed is for egg production.


Legbar chicken has yellow legs and four toes

The chicken shows some similarities with the barred leghorn. This legbar comes with a muscular body having a wedge-shaped structure and prominent chest. Furthermore, their shoulders are wide and taper towards the tail’s root. Moreover, it has a long back, large wings, yellow or horn-colored beak, and a small crest.

However, the bird comes with a single erected red-colored comb with 7 or 5 spikes. Their eyes are orange or red in color, red face and white earlobes. Moreover, it has yellow legs and four toes.

Legbar Rooster

The legbar rooster comes with a muscular strong body with a wedge-shaped body structure and their chest is prominent. Moreover, roosters are not aggressive all the time but during the breeding season, they might get aggressive. However, you can easily tame them due to the polite nature and calm behavior except for the breeding season.

Legbar Eggs

These chickens are the good layers with the ability to lay blue eggs. However, the yearly production of eggs by this breed is 180-200 per year.

Gold Legbar

This shares similarity with the cream legbar and is considered as the true autosexing breed that means by checking the color of feathers you can tell their sex. However, it is a rare breed that is known as great for laying eggs. These birds come with larger breasts and are considered the good bird for the table.

Cream legbar vs Ameraucana

Cream legbar vs Ameraucana
Ameraucana does not have any simple history

The ameraucana does not have crests while the cream legbar comes with the crest that means having a puff of feathers at the head. Ameraucana does not have any simple history but a complex one. However, the cream ledge originated in England 100 years ago. The cream ledge pullets come with a dark brown stripe while the cockerels have a paler brown stripe.

Cream Legbar

Cream Legbar
Cream legbar is the British breed

This chicken comes with the ability to lay such beautiful blue eggs and is considered the most popular breed of autosexing around the globe. However, it is very rare in the United States and other regions of the world. The cream legbar chicken comes with silver-grey feathers covering the body and salmon-colored breasts.

Moreover, the roosters have saddle feathers with the dark gray color except at the breast and tail. Moreover, these chickens are alert yet active and productive as well.

Cream legbar chickens

It is the British breed with a weight of 6 pounds. The breed has a triangular-shaped body with a flat and long back. Moreover, their head is covered with the 6 pointed comb red in color and the color of wattles is also red. However, their eyes have a reddish bay color with a yellow beak. These chickens are sociable and can handle easily.

Furthermore, they do not require any particular or extra care. Due to the excellent watchful quality, they stay safe from the predators. Their body is covered with the cream or gray color and wings are quite closer to the body. Additionally, their skin is yellow.

Cream Legbar Roosters

The cream legbar roosters have a firm and muscular body. Moreover, the cream legbar rooster is friendly and easily handled. They are not so aggressive but could go aggressive mainly during the breeding season. So it is better to not touch them or play with them in their breeding season. Moreover, you can also tame them easily on normal days due to the good temperament.

Cream legbar chicken for sale

You can get the cream legbar chickens for sale from multiple online bird stores. It includes cacklehatchery.com, meyerhatchery.com, olx.com, newsnow.com, polutryshowcentral.com and the list goes on.

Cream Legbar Eggs

This chicken has productive layers and comes with the ability to lay 4 eggs per week which are blue. Moreover, the egg size is medium and the yearly egg production is 230 eggs per year. However, some of the sources agree on their broody nature while others do not accept this characteristic.

Moreover, broodiness mainly depends on the strain you contain and this chicken is autosexing which means the chicks will be differentiated as male or female right after they are born.

Crested Cream Legbar

This is a unique autosexing chicken that means their sexes are distinct right after the egg hatches. They are the happy chickens who live in their coop and love free-ranging as well. It has a medium-size, muscular, and strong body with broad shoulders. The females come with a larger comb while males have the smaller one. Their face is smooth with long wattles, white earlobes, neck covered with feathers, red comb, and yellow beak.

Moreover, the bird has yellow barred skin legs and feet. However, the breast of the hen is salmon, and the wings have grayish color.


1. What color eggs do a cream legbar lay?

They come with the crest and have the ability to lay bluish-green eggs 4 per week.

2. Are legbar chickens good layers?

The legbar chicken has good layers and good egg production.

3. Are cream legbar aggressive?

This chicken is friendly and sociable but the roosters could be aggressive especially during the breeding season.

4. What does autosexing mean?

Auto sexing means the varieties of chicken in which males and females are hatched with the different colors of feathers at the body. Cream legbar is the best example of auto-sexing.


It is the rare British breed with the ability of autosexing and originated 100 years ago. They can lay a good amount of eggs per year due to the excellent layers and the eggs are blue. Moreover, the chicken comes with a calm nature but roosters get aggressive in the breeding season. However, it is not confirmed yet whether the hens are broody or not. Moreover, they love free-ranging and are good at foraging.

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