Dorking Chicken Breeds, Care, Eggs, Facts and All Information

If you are looking for a breed that can lay eggs, provide meat, and companionship to your family then the Dorking chicken breed is the best of all. However, this breed is considered endangered and known as one of the oldest breeds around the globe. You must be thinking if it’s the oldest then why is this chicken getting endangered? Well, these days the priority of everyone is the fastest-growing chicken.

Just a few people purchase these birds for breeding and mostly go for the commercial ones. It is mainly a British breed with a short body, five-toed legs, and white skin color.

Red Dorking Chicken

Red Dorking Chicken
Red Dorking does not come in solid red color

The red Dorking does not come in solid red color but the body is covered with some red shades at few parts. However, the original red Dorking chicken breed is the oldest and procreates in a large number during the 19th century. However, these chickens got lower in number in the 50s. It is considered one of the rarest chickens in Britain.

Silver Grey Dorking Chicken

The silver-grey Dorking is also the oldest one but not as old as the red Dorking is. It is the quiet and peaceful breed with the beeping noise during foraging. However, these chickens are mild-mannered and can easily tame by holding once or twice.

White Dorking

White Dorking has high-quality meat and an attractive appearance. This bird is peaceful and found rarely at any bird shop.

Dorking Chicken For Sale

These chickens are the rarest one so you can get them hardly from any bird shop. Most of them are found in any shop or poultry farm in Britain. However, some websites offer Dorking for sale at affordable rates.

Dorking Chicken Eggs

This chicken is mainly known for its high-quality meat production. However, they are the dual purpose breeds and can lay 150-180 eggs per year. These chickens also lay in the deep winter months. Dorking Chicken Eggs are large and white.

Dorking Chicken Facts

Dorking Chicken Facts
This chicken is calm and friendly

Here are a few facts about Dorking chicken:

  • It is a short chicken.
  • They have a rectangular body with red earlobes.
  • Despite their size, they can lay large size white color eggs.
  • These hens can tolerate and perform well in all climates.
  • Dorking is calm and friendly.
  • They can lay 150 to 180 eggs per year.
  • This chicken was first shown in the poultry in 1845.
  • The average lifespan of Dorking is 7 years.


1. What color eggs do Dorking lay?

The Dorking chicken can lay eggs 170-190 per year.

2. How long do Dorking live?

They have an average life of 5-10 years.

3. What is the rarest chicken breed?

The following are the rarest chicken breed:

  • Campine chicken.
  • Holland chicken.
  • Spanish chicken.
  • Dorking chicken.
  • Spanish chicken.

4. What breed of chicken has five toes?

Dorking has five toes.


Dorking is the oldest British breed with five toes. The chicken has high-quality meat but one of the rarest breeds around the globe. Moreover, they come in different colors, and due to large comb, they stay protected in cold winters. Read the article for more information.

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