Wyandotte Chicken Breeds, Care, Eggs and All Information

American Wyandotte Chicken breeds was developed back in the 1870s and called Wyandotte due to the North American’s Wyandot. It is the dual-purpose breed used for egg and meat production. Due to the multiple color variants, it is considered as the popular show bird. The original name of this bird is American Sebright.

Wyandotte Chicken

Wyandotte Chicken
Wyandotte Chicken makes great pets as well

This is a well-rounded chicken with productive layers and makes great pets as well. They have a heavyweight with excellent laying ability. However, the chicken is docile in nature and loves to forage on open grounds. It has a compact yet round body and large size.

Furthermore, this bird has deep breasts and rounded breasts, a black tail, clean legged, and broad skull. Moreover, their face, earlobes, wattles are red, rose comb and yellowish skin as well as the shank. Wyandotte’s chicken weight ranges from 1.3 to 1.7 kg.

Wyandotte Rooster

The Wyandotte rooster is larger and redder as compared to the hens. They have a wide comb and feather out smoothly yet slowly. While growing the roosters get the pin feathers earlier but usually come with short shoulder feathers. However, their tail feathers take some time to grow.

Furthermore, the rooster has large legs and feet but still differentiating between hen and rooster is difficult until the breeding age. They are friendly but could get aggressive sometimes.

Wyandotte Chicks

Due to the docile and soft nature, Wyandotte is considered a good mother. These chickens are highly broody and make great mothers. Right after the egg hatches the hen stays with them all the time, gives them adequate care, protects them, and loves their baby chicks as well.

The Wyandotte chicks are dark-colored with greyish white feathers covering the chest, brown beak, and brown legs.

Wyandotte Chicken Breeds

Wyandotte Chicken Breeds
Wyandotte Chicken comes in different colors

The Wyandotte Chicken Breeds includes:

  • White Wyandotte.
  • Partridge Wyandotte.
  • Black Wyandotte.
  • Barred Wyandotte.
  • Black Breasted Red Wyandotte.
  • Blue Wyandotte.
  • Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Chicken. Brown Red Wyandotte.
  • Buff Wyandotte.
  • Buff Columbian Wyandotte.
  • Columbian Wyandotte.
  • Golden Laced Wyandotte.
  • Lemon Blue Wyandotte.
  • Silver Laced Wyandotte.
  • Silver Penciled Wyandotte.
  • Splash Wyandotte.
  • White Laced Wyandotte.

Silver Laced Wyandotte Chicken

Silver Laced Wyandotte Chicken
Silver Laced is the original Wyandotte variety

It is the original Wyandotte variety containing whitish silver feathers which are laced in greenish-black color. However, the Silver Wyandotte’s chicken is considered the beautiful one which shows the excellent American poultry breeding ingenuity.

People use the chicken silver laced Wyandotte for various poultry exhibitions due to wonderful looks. This chicken is colorful yet hardy and comes with the super productive layers. During cold weather, their excellent body size keeps them warm and helps in winter laying.

Due to the hardiness, cold winters do not affect the silver laced Wyandotte chickens. . This is no doubt the best choice for families who live in urban areas and want to have a chicken as a pet. Their back chicks come in black to silver-gray and other incredible light plus dark color contrasts.

Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster

The Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster breed is fully covered with the beautiful feathers. The roosters have a larger comb and waddle red with the black plus white feathers on the body. However, while walking their tail and saddle feathers move slightly that look amazing. Moreover, they are quite aggressive and always keep fighting with the hens.

Blue Wyandotte Chicken

Blue Wyandotte chicken is an excellent producer and friendly. Furthermore, they are good egg producers but have small eggs as compared to the other breeds. Moreover, it has American origin and is considered as a multipurpose bird. These are broody, active, and hardy. Furthermore, the hens are small in size, with wide bodies and moderate weight. They have salty blue plumage and bluish-black lace.

Moreover, their babies are blue with creamy white chests. Additionally, the average weight of female blue Wyandotte is 6.5 pounds, and males having 8.5 pounds of weight.

Golden Laced Wyandotte Chicken

Golden Laced Wyandotte Chicken

This is one of the most adorable and lovable American chickens

This breed is considered as one of the most adorable and lovable American chickens. However, the breed is quiet and reserved in nature but makes great pets. Their shape is the same as other varieties of Wyandotte chicken. With the small head and sports rose comb make them ideal for the cold winters. Furthermore, the wattle, comb, earlobes, and face are in red with the yellow beak and bay red eyes.

Moreover, their body is curvy and glamorous and the neck is short but excellently arched that makes it look long. This breed is independent and sensible that surely attracts you with the stunning look as well as good behavior. Additionally, their average lifespan is more than 5 years, and can produce 4 eggs per week.

White Wyandotte Chicken

White Wyandotte Chicken
White Wyandotte non setters and perform very well

They are the dual-purpose breed with the ability to produce a large egg in brown color and are considered as the good egg layers of chicken. The white Wyandotte does not contain lacing like other breeds. Furthermore, they are non setters and perform very well in northern areas during the cold climate.

However, the chicken comes in white color, yellow legs, yellow skin, and rose combs. However, cockerels have deep yet rounded bodies and are known as ideal for dressing.

Black Wyandotte Chicken

The black Wyandotte are covered with black feathers, red comb, and clean legs. It also originated in the US and can lay 200 or more eggs per year. Same like the sister varieties, this breed also lives in the cold climates perfectly.

Due to their ability to put meat on quickly, they are also considered as the dual-purpose breed. They produce small brown eggs and are very friendly.

Colombian Wyandotte Chicken

These are the yellow chicken with black back and black patches on the head. It has good nature and often goes broody that makes them a good mother. Furthermore, they have clean legs, having black and white feathers at the tail, wings, and neck.

This breed has excellent abilities for foraging and has a cool temperament. The average weight of a hen is 6.5 pounds and the rooster has 8.5 pounds. Moreover, their eggs are rich or light brown and have a large size.

Wyandotte Eggs

The Wyandotte chicken eggs are mostly brown or creamy. They are the good layer of chicken and start laying eggs at 24-28 weeks of age. However, this chicken can produce 200 or more eggs per year.


1. What color eggs do Wyandotte chickens lay?

Their egg color is mostly brown or creamy and is large.

2. How many eggs do Wyandotte chickens lay?

They can lay almost 4 eggs per week and 200 eggs per year.

3. How long does Wyandotte chicken live?

This chicken can live for 6 to 12 years.

4. Are Wyandotte chickens noisy?

No, these are the quiet birds with docile and sensible nature.


The Wyandotte chicken is the most popular around the globe due to its good layers, beautiful appearance, incredible nature that makes them the best backyard companion for you. Furthermore, they can live for 6 to 12 years depending on the care you provide. However, people fall in love with them due to their friendly behavior and attractive looks. They are good mothers and make perfect pets.

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