Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey Facts, Diet and Pictures

Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey other name is the black-handed spider monkey. It belongs to the New World monkey, and you can find them in Central America and a few Colombia areas. It has 5 subspecies as well. The scientific name of this monkey is Ateles Geoffroyi. In this article, we’ll share all the Information On Spider Monkeys.

Spider Monkey Appearance

Spider Monkey Appearance
Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey tail is longer than the limbs

They are medium-sized monkeys with long limbs and tails. However, the tail is longer than the limbs. The monkey travels from one tree to another by using its tail. They have black hands and feet. Moreover, the monkey’s coat varies from reddish-brown, black to light buff but the infants born as pure black.

Types Of Spider Monkeys

Following are the Types Of Spider Monkeys:

  • Red-faced spider monkey.
  • White-cheeked spider monkey.
  • Brown spider monkey.
  • Peruvian spider monkey.
  • White-fronted spider monkey.
  • Black-headed spider monkey.
  • Geoffroy’s spider monkey.
  • Hooded spider monkey.
  • Yucatan spider monkey.
  • Mexican spider monkey.
  • Ornate spider monkey.
  • Nicaraguan spider monkey.

Spider Monkey pet

Spider Monkey pet
Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey is intelligent

Spider monkeys are found in the areas of central and south America. They live in the rain forests. Furthermore, some people keep Spider Monkey Pet. Moreover, proper law in the US prohibits the individual from having a spider monkey as a pet. However, some organizations work to discourage people from keeping such exotic animals as a pet.

Spider Monkey Size

The body length of the monkey is 100 cm (male) and 69 cm (female).

The body weight of this monkey is 2.3 kg (male) and 2.2 kg (female).

Black Handed Spider Monkey Facts

Following are the Black Handed Spider Monkey Facts:

  • This monkey is one of the most significant new world monkeys.
  • They are called spiders due to the spider-like appearance. Furthermore, the monkey has a hairless tail tip that they use to wrap around the tree branches or pick the food items.
  • Moreover, the monkey uses different signs for visual communication.
  • Additionally, the curled tail is a sign of threat for other spider monkeys.
  • Head shake is considered as an invitation for play or also as an alarm for threat.
  • The monkeys are the intelligent ones and pick the new habits earlier as compared to others.
  • They drink water from the tree holes and other terrestrial water sources.


1. How much is a spider monkey?

The cost of this monkey is $6000.

2. How many species of spider monkeys are there?

There are seven species of the true spider monkey. However, woolly spider monkeys are not in it.


We’ve mentioned all the essential details related to the spider monkey species Geoffrey. They come with a spider-like appearance and black limbs. However, one can keep them as a pet, but according to the US’s rules, it is highly prohibited. 

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