Common Marmoset Care, Facts, Habitat & Pictures

It belongs to the New World Monkey found in Brazil. This monkey is also known as White tufted ear marmoset and cotton eared marmoset. These are the small monkeys but have long tails. The scientific name of this species is C. Jacchus. We’ve discussed further details of this monkey below.

Common Marmoset Pet

Common Marmoset Pet
Common marmot are quite intelligent.

These monkeys need a warm climate for survival. They are considered as tropical animals. However, the scent marks the places around, so it isn’t easy to keep them at home as a pet. No doubt they are quite intelligent but easily get bored that leads to stress. That’s why it is not appropriate and safe to keep Common Marmoset Pet at home.

Common Marmoset For Sale

There are multiple pet shops online or in the market that offer the Common Marmoset Monkey For Sale. However, the rate mainly depends upon the monkey grooming and size as well. The standard price for this monkey is $1400-$5000.

Common Marmoset Lifespan

The monkey can live for 12 years.

Common Marmoset Facts

  • The monkey has body length of 14-19 cm while body weight is 300-500 g.
  • The name of this word marmoset means dwarf or shrimp.
  • They make a strong grip by using their claws.
  • The monkey can easily adapt to the social changes around the environment.
  • They live in a group of 13 individuals, including mixed-sex groups.
  • Their diet includes gum, animal prey, and fruit.
  • They love to live in the plantation scrub.

Common Marmoset Baby

Common Marmoset Baby
Common Marmoset parents take their babies on the back

The female marmoset gives birth to the twins, which is unique because the primate species has 1 baby at a time. The parents take their babies on the back. The babies start vocalizing earlier; however, the group used a specific call while searching for food. Common Marmoset Baby required adequate care and proper attention during their early months.


1. How much does a marmoset cost?

The price of this monkey is $1500-$4000.

2. Where do common marmosets live?

They love to live in the Atlantic and scrub forests.

3. Is a marmoset monkey a good pet?

They have a habit of living marks in the surrounding areas. Furthermore, the monkey needs a warm climate for survival. They are no doubt intelligent but get bored too fast. Moreover, getting bore causes stress and aggression in them. Thus it is not suitable to have this monkey as a pet at home.

4. Where do marmosets sleep?

They go to their sleeping trees at the end of the day before evening. The monkeys sleep in groups for safety. Furthermore, the areas include vine-covered vegetation and dense forests.


We’ve discussed the common marmoset in detail. They are the small monkeys with the soft silky hair and tufts at both sides of the face. The monkey comes in different colors including a brown, black, bright orange, and silver.

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