Lion-tailed Macaque All Information

It belongs from the Old World Monkeys found in South India. Lion-tailed Macaque is the smallest species named due to their lion-like tail. The monkey lives in monsoon, evergreen and semi-evergreen forests. It is restricted to a specific area and lives in 10 or 20 individual groups.

Lion Tailed Macaque

Lion Tailed Macaque
Lion Tailed Macaque walks on their four limbs

It has black hair and silver-white mane covering the area of cheek to chin. The monkey’s face is hairless and black. Their body have the silky black fur and has a pointy tuft at the tail. The hairs at the rear is prominent in males as compar to the females. They have huge nostrils with beautiful eyes in hazelnut shade and black eyelids. Infants are covered with lighter faces. The monkey’s consist of cheek pouches where they can store food. Lion Tailed Macaque walks on their four limbs and efficiently performs all the activities. The back of their head has ridges and black fingernails. The Lion Tailed Macaque Adaptations includes keeping the food in cheek and have opposable thumbs.

  • Weight

The monkey’s weight is 2-10 kg, and body length is 42-61 cm.

  • Diet

Their diet includes fruits, eggs, insects, small animals and vegetables.

  • Lifespan

The average lifespan of Lion Tailed Macaque India is 20 years.

Lion Tailed Macaque Habitat

These monkeys are found in India and love to live in tropical forests with no human existence. The monkey lives in the high area of the trees. This Endangered Animal Lion Tailed Macaque population decreases due to the reduction of the gap between humans and forests due to the agriculture, plantations and other reasons.

Lion Tailed Macaque Size

The monkey weight is 2-10 kg, and body length is 42-61 cm.

Lion Tailed Macaque Facts

Lion Tailed Macaque Facts
This Macaque act like a freezing animal on the tree in case of any danger

  • The monkey has extensible pouches where food stores.
  • The lion-tailed macaque is active during the daytime.
  • They find the required moisture through dew leaves licking.
  • The monkey has opposable digits which help them to perform daily activities.
  • Due to its mane, the species is called beard ape.
  • They act like a freezing animal on the tree in case of any danger.
  • It is one of the rarest species of the Old World monkeys.


1. Is lion-tailed macaque dangerous?

The lion-tailed macaque is not friendly. It is quite risky to reach them and make any interaction with these monkeys.

2. What does lion tail macaque eat?

The monkey can eat eggs, insects and fruits.

3. How many lion-tailed macaques are left in India?

The remaining LTM is around 3000 plus in the wild.

4. How can we save lion-tailed macaque?

We can save these monkeys by stopping the hunting, road kills and maintaining their habitats. The government have to shift them into forests where their habitat will be managed without any predator attack.


We’ve discussed the lion-tailed macaque in detail. We’ve mentioned their appearance, body weight, diet and every other aspect.

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