Bald Uakari Behavior, Diet, Facts and All Information

It is a small monkey found in South American with a short tail, bald head, bright face, long coat, and bald head. Bald Uakari live in floodplain forests at the Amazon River basin. Due to the heavy water flow in the raining season, they live in trees along the lakes. It is believed that they develop the pattern on their face due to the result of malaria.

Bald Uakari

Bald Uakari
Uakari live in the trees

People recognized these monkeys due to their bald head and Red-faced Uakari Monkey. Due to their baldness, they show the resemblance of older men or babies. Their body is cover with the shaggy coat in red or white color. However, the tail is quite short and bob-like. The reason behind having a red face is a lack of pigmentation. There are mainly four species of this monkey and named due to their difference in the coating.

  • Behavior

They are active in the day and live in the trees. The monkeys come down to the ground in the dry season, where there is food on the forest surface. They are quadriceps but can walk or jump by using two legs only.

  • Diet

This monkey is an herbivore, so their diet mainly includes fruits. However, their food varies according to the season. They can eat leaves, seeds, roots, and sometimes even insects.

  • Weight

The Size is 45.6 cm (male) 44.0 cm (female) body length and 2.75-3.45 kg of body weight.

  • Age

Uakari can live for 30 years.

Bald Uakari Facts

Following are the Uakari Facts:

  • The unique feature of this monkey is his bare face and red hair.
  • They have a short tail as compared to the body length.
  • Due to the well-developed fangs, they can easily open fruits.
  • The monkey’s distribution and existence in between two rivers includes Ucayali and Yavari.
  • They love the areas where palm trees are.
  • The monkey has a habit of sleeping in a group of 15-20 individuals.
  • They produce offspring after two years.

Bald Uakari For Sale

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Bald Uakari Diet

Bald Uakari Diet
Uakari diet is fruits, seed etc

Their diet includes:

  • Fruits.
  • Leaves.
  • Seeds.
  • Roots.
  • Insects.

Bald Uakari Average Lifespan

It can live for 30 years in captivity.


1. Why is bald Uakari endangered?

It is mention on the list of endangered species by IUCN 2020. The main reason behind it is the cutting of forests and hunting. However, the main threat depends upon the monkey’s range.

2. In which country bald Uakari is found?

This monkey is found in Brazil and Peru.

3. What is a uakari monkey?

It is the short-tailed monkeys from South America with human like ears, shaggy coat, and bald faces. They are covered in different forms of red color.

4. What is an African bald chimpanzee called?

It is called Bald Uakari.


We’ve mentioned every detail of Bald Uakari. This monkey has a bald face and red color. Their food includes fruits and leaves. It can live for 30 years and be small in size.

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