Emperor Tamarin

The emperor tamarin monkey is named so because of its close resemblance to the German emperor Wilhelm ii. The scientific name of it is the Saguinus imperator. It is of small size and has a long white-colored moustache. They are mostly found in the rainforests of Brazil, Bolivia, South America, and Southwest Amazon Basin.

These animal species weigh only 1.10 pounds. In addition to this, they have 13.8 to 16.3 inches long tails of red color and can be kept as great pets because of their loving nature. Here, we will discuss some interesting facts about these monkeys.

Emperor tamarin monkey

Emperor tamarin monkey
Emperor tamarin monkey is of small size

These animal species have grey colored-fur on their bodies. Their hands and feet are of dark color. Talking about their reproductive system, the females have a gestation period of about 140 to 145 days; hence give birth to the cute little ones after about four and a half months. These baby tamarin monkeys become mature between the ages of 16 to 20 years. 

These baby monkeys are of small-sized and have orange-colored tails. If we talk about the emperor tamarin facts, they become sexually mature after reaching the age of 2 years and usually mate between the months of April and July. Furthermore, these are the omnivorous animal species and communicate with each other by producing hissing sounds.

Emperor tamarin for sale

The tamarins are said to be very active animals and are usually found near the rainforest areas. As these monkeys have a playful nature, people love to keep them as their pets. Therefore, many of the animal species of this emperor tamarin for sale are also present and can be bought easily from the private breeders. They mostly come at the price range of 1500 dollars to 2500 dollars.

Emperor tamarin lifespan

These animal species gain sexual maturity at the ages of two years and have a short life span of about 10 to 20 years. Some of them can live a long life of almost 23 years as well. 

Emperor tamarin population

Emperor tamarin population
Emperor monkey are said to be endangered

The tamarins are said to be endangered because their population has decreased due to the deforestation; they are also being used for many illegal pet trade purposes. That’s why it has become totally impossible to know about how many of these animal species have left in the forests. However, the emperor tamarin facts and information have shown that almost 530 of them are present in the zoos of the whole world.

Emperor Tamarin Facts and Information

Emperor tamarin facts and information
Emperor monkey can easily leap across branches

The beautiful coloring contrast of these animal species helps them to hide from the predators. They can easily leap across branches with the help of their long red-colored tails. In addition to this, their feet and fingers have long claws, thus spending most of their lifetime between the forests’ trees. The emperor tamarin diet includes leaves, gums, fruits, and insects as well because they are omnivorous.

Emperor Tamarin Size

These animal species are of small size with a body length of about 9.2 to 10.4 inches. Their crown is silver-brown colored. Talking about the tamarins food chain, they can feed on both plants and animals for their survival; hence are called omnivorous. Furthermore, they can eat fruits and leaves as well. These species, because of their small size, become the prey of many wild animals such as snakes, wild dogs, etc. 

Emperor Tamarin Diet

Like all other species, they also require a proper diet for their survival. They like to eat fruits, leaves, and insects such as ants, butterflies, spiders, and beetles. These emperor tamarin animals are also known to feed on tree frogs and lizards.

Emperor Tamarin Habitat

They are mostly found near the tropical rainforests of the Southwest Amazon basin, Bolivia, Brazil, lowland mountains, wooded places, and flooded forests as well. In addition to this, they also live in groups including 4 to 20 members; but this emperor tamarin population is declining day by day due to habitat loss.

Emperor Tamarin Tail

Emperor tamarin tail
Emperor tail length of about 16 inches

These monkeys are known to have long orange or reddish-colored tails of the length of about 16 inches. The emperor tamarin facts have shown that these animal species have a great advantage over other animals in such a way that their long tails help them leap across different branches by giving them proper balance.


Sometimes people get confused even after reading the information and facts about these monkeys and raise some questions to make their minds clear. So, the answers to some of those raised questions are as given below:

1. How many emperor tamarins are left in the world?

Because of the deforestation and habitat loss, these monkeys are known to have become endangered. Therefore, the total number of tamarins that have left in all the zoos of the whole world is 530. 

2. Why do emperor have moustaches?

Researchers have shown that the white-colored moustaches of these animal species help them to identify the members of their own species.

3. Can you have an emperor tamarin as a pet?

The emperor tamarins can be kept as pets to get rid of loneliness because of their playful and loving nature. They remain very nice and joyful to their owners if they are taken care properly.

4. How much does an emperor tamarin cost?

These animal species can be easily bought from the private breeders and usually have the price range of about $1500 to $2500.


As we have discussed many of the facts about the emperor tamarins, they can be kept as pets as well because of their loving, joyful, and playful nature. Many of the people buy these animal species from private breeders; thus, their lifespan can be increased by providing them with proper diet and care.

Although these are beautiful and attractive species, their population is declining because of habitat loss and deforestation. We must stop deforestation to prevent these animals from becoming endangered. The use of these emperor tamarin monkey species for the illegal pet trade purposes must also be stopped.

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