Rhesus Macaque

Rhesus macaques are considered Old World monkeys. They are found in China, Afghanistan, Asia, and Pakistan; but are mostly present in India. Their scientific name is Macaca Mulatta. The females are smaller in size than males in the case of these monkeys. The males have larger-sized tails than females.

Rhesus Macaque

Besides this, they weigh between 8.5 kgs and 11 kgs. The legs and lumps in both sexes are of orange color. Talking about rhesus macaque florida, they are mostly found in Florida. There are many of the facts about these monkeys, but some of them are described here.

Rhesus Macaque

Rhesus Macaque
Rhesus monkeys are mostly familiar between Hindus

These monkeys are mostly familiar between Hindus because the people of this country consider all the animals as sacred and are present near the neighboring countries as well. They have brown or grey-colored bodies. Their faces are of pink color. In addition to this, the animal species of rhesus macaque for sale are also present and can be bought from breeding centers. Many of the people adopt these intelligent species because of their cognitive skills and grow them well.

  • Rhesus Macaque Florida

They are foreign species in Florida, hence containing many of the harmful diseases that can get transferred to humans. The rhesus macaque facts have shown that these are highly intelligent animal species and can be used for many of the medical purposes as well. For example, many of the drugs for controlling AIDS/HIV have also been discovered by the use of these monkeys.

  • Rhesus Macaque Pet

As the habitat of these animal species includes South, Central, and Southeast Asia; they can also be found in the mountains having the high altitudes of 2500m, some of them live in open areas of woodlands, and grasslands as well. The animal species of rhesus macaque baby can also be kept as pets because of their sweet nature, but most of them show very aggressive and annoying behavior and can cause great harm.

  • Adult Female Rhesus Macaque Weight

The females have a broader rib cage, a dorsal scapula, and fifty vertebrae, and are considered the leaders of their communities. Their tails have an average length of between eight to nine inches. They have bright red-colored faces. If we talk about the facts of them, their size is about 19 inches, and that of males is 21 inches. Furthermore, the adult female rhesus macaque weight is 12 pounds as compared to males whose weight is 17 pounds. 

Rhesus Macaque Baby

Rhesus Macaque Baby
Macaque babies produce loud sounds

The pregnancy time varies in different rhesus macaque types. For example, the gestation periods in cases of Barbary, Japanese, Southern long, and pig-tailed macaques are 147 to 192, 173, and 183 days respectively. The females give birth to only one baby in a year. As these babies produce loud sounds, the male parents sometimes mistreat and harm them.

Researches have also shown that a baby named Grady has been created in the laboratory using the sperms of her young fathers’ testicles, thus might be used for medicinal purposes.

Rhesus Macaque Lifespan

Rhesus Macaque Lifespan
Rhesus Macaque Monkey are very intelligent animal species

These are very intelligent animal species and are widely used for many of the biological and medicinal research purposes. They have given many benefits to human beings, which could not be possible without them.

For example, the discovery of Rh factor, number of behavioral discoveries, embryo development, and understanding of reproductive cycles in females. Instead of their great uses, they have short life spans of about 20 to 40 years; but the wild ones live for a very shorter time.

Rhesus Macaque Diet

Like all other species, these Macaca mulatta animal species also require a proper diet to survive. It can walk on four limbs and can climb as well. They mostly live in troops containing almost 200 other animal species.

They are herbivores and can eat seeds, fruits, roots, cereals, bark, insects, small animals, and herbs and also eat crops in the human communities and search for food in the garbage. In addition to this, they get water from the ripe and succulent fruits during the monsoon seasons.

Rhesus Macaque Behavior

Rhesus Macaque Behavior
Rhesus Macaque monkeys are very aggressive and dangerous

These monkeys are very aggressive and dangerous. Their offensive and harsh behavior usually contains slapping, pulling tail and fur, biting, and hauling. They like to be in noisy troops, and the females are mostly the leaders of their communities. Furthermore, the rhesus macaque fight is also of great concern because the male ones mostly get harmed during the mating seasons. They fight with each other for getting access to sexually receptive females for mating.

Rhesus Macaque Monkey For Sale

The Macaca mulatta monkeys are present in many of the breeding centers for sale. There are also some farms that breed these wild monkeys. Many of the people like to keep them as their pets; thus, they adopt them. They take good care of them and grow them well. Usually, these are not so aggressive animals but sometimes can cause extreme harm to humans if they are provoked. So, people must remain calm and polite while dealing with them.

Rhesus Macaque Facts

Rhesus Macaque Facts
Rhesus Macaque fact love to swim

There are present very interesting rhesus macaque facts. For example, they steal food from humans by jumping into their homes, love to swim, and are used for research purposes as well. In addition to this, they can store excess food into the pouches of their cheeks. These monkeys use their body language, facial expressions, vocalization, and gestures to get communicated with each other. They also use these signals for communication purposes during danger and when they discover something new to eat.

Rhesus Macaque Habitat

Rhesus Macaque Habitat
Rhesus Monkey are widely present near the rural areas of Hindus

The rhesus macaque habitat includes Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Japan, China, Nepal, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Laos, Bhutan, South Carolina, United States, and Myanmar. These animal species know how to swim even the baby ones can swim at very younger ages. Instead of all these countries, they like to live in mixed deciduous, bamboo, terrestrial, and tropical forests as well. They are also widely present near the rural areas of Hindus. It has been estimated that the population of these monkeys will get doubled in the future because of their faster breeding rate.


Sometimes people get confused even after reading the interesting facts and information about these rhesus macaque monkeys and raise some questions. So, the answers to some of those raised questions are as mentioned below:

1. Are rhesus macaques dangerous?

These macaque monkeys are dangerous in many ways; for example, they are aggressive in their behavior and can cause great harm if provoked.

In the other case, they contain the Herpes B virus in them; this virus does not cause damage to monkeys but is very harmful and dangerous for human beings.

2. How long do rhesus macaque monkeys live?

They have furless faces of pink color and are excellent swimmers as well. Furthermore, they have short life spans of about 25 years and are widely used for many of the biological and medicinal research purposes. But some of these live very smaller lives such as wild ones.

3. How much is a rhesus macaque monkey?

Like all other animal species, these monkeys are also present for sale in many of the monkey farms and breeding centers. Most of the people like to adopt them and keep them as their pets.

So, they are being sold at the prices of 5000 dollars, whereas the healthy females have the price ranges between 6000 dollars to 14000 dollars.

4. Where do these monkeys live?

These animal species are native to Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Pakistan, US, Japan, China, and the neighboring countries. But they are mostly found in India because the people of this country find animals as sacred. In addition to this, they also habitat in grasslands, woodlands, cliffs, terrestrial forests, and the mountains with the high altitudes of 2500m.

5. Will rhesus monkeys attack humans?

As these are highly aggressive animal species in nature, they can attack humans also. When they become angry, they transfer the herpes virus to humans through scratching and biting them. That’s the reason most of the people do not adopt them to avoid these risks.

6. Why do these monkeys mistreat their babies?

Researches have shown that these monkeys have a low tolerance level and become aggressive very quickly. But they sometimes also cause harm to their babies because of the production of loud noises by them. That’s why the mothers remain near their babies to reduce the risks of danger.


As we have discussed many of the interesting facts and information about these macaque monkeys, they are of great importance in medicinal and biological purposes.

For example, it was not possible to study the female reproductive systems, development of an embryo, and discovery of Rh factor, development of rabies, and polioviruses without them. Instead of all these, the Rhesus macaque monkeys are also very aggressive and can damage humans, thus transferring diseases to them.

Most of the people like to keep them as their pets, but they must adopt some precautions while dealing with these monkeys. Anyhow, it has also been estimated that the population of these animal species will get doubled by the start of 2021.

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